Reader Interaction

Summer break

We are entering the last month of school for most Marshall County students. Children are counting down the days and parents are making plans for their children. Soon yard sprinklers will be on, ice cream will be served and the grill will be fired up (If it hasn't been already.)

What is your favorite part about summer break?

Spring has sprung

The snow seems to be gone (we hope!) and the plants are starting to sprout. Many people are outside doing yard work and getting ready for the warm weather. What are you doing to prepare your yard and home for the summer?

Indiana religious objections bill

Being in Indiana, what are your thoughts about the bill passing?

Spring is in the air

Although the last few days have been cold with snow it is officially spring.
Do you have big plans for spring cleaning or spring planting? Let us know how you go about preparing for spring!

Spring Break

Spring Break for area students is coming up quickly. What are your plans for the time off school?

Thinking warm thoughts

As we are all experiencing the cold air of winter, the wind chill and the snow, it is common to think of warmer climates.
What do you do to make it through the coldest parts of winter? What warm thoughts keep you going when the temperatures drop below zero?

How do you have fun in the snow?

With over a foot of snow blanketing Marshall County many people have been shoveling and shoveling. But what about fun in the snow? What are your favorite snowy activities?

What Super Bowl commercial is your favorite?

It's time for the Super Bowl. Only one team will come out victorious. But the real question is: What new commercial is your favorite?

What do you think about the proposed zoning change in Lapaz?

The Marshall County Plan Commission heard public comment in regards to a commercial overlay district in Lapaz during Thursday night's regular meeting.
Ordinance 15-PC-02 would establish a Commercial Overlay District in Lapaz from US 6 and Michigan Road east to Linden Road.
The ordinance would lay a district over the proposed area and gives the ability for that land to be used for commercial properties, such as hotels, auto repair and retail, fast food and restaurants, bakeries, gas stations, and offices, to name several of the large listing available.

What do you think about Kmart closing?

Recent news of the Plymouth Kmart store closing has some shoppers concerned about the lack of shopping options in town. What do you think about the news? What would you like to see move into the space?