What we want may not be the best thing for us

“In the Dailyness of Life ...”

On our recent two week vacation, I had a plan. I wanted to see a moose.
After all, Maine is known for them and we’d be spending four nights there and two in New Hampshire as well.
While in Acadia National Park, I made sure to ask the park rangers for the best directions to view these awesome creatures.
I’d seen them years ago when we’d camped in Yellowstone; I hoped to be able to see them up close and personal again.
But, my idea of moose viewing was hastily halted when I learned that the best place to see them was actually a 2-3 hour further drive.
Having already spent numerous hours riding, I wasn’t interested in more time in the car.
So, I decided to wait until we got to New Hampshire where we might be more likely to succeed.
At our hotel in Lincoln, we questioned our hotel manager.
First of all, she suggested finding a quieter “back road” rather than the highways – perhaps one west of town.
Near dusk, after finding what we thought was the perfect spot, we parked beside a stream for quite awhile.
But alas, there were no moose at all.
We later drove through multiple areas where signs warned of “MOOSE CROSSING” but thankfully none emerged onto the roadway in front of our vehicle.
I began to appreciate the obvious – that sometimes what we think we want, may not be what is best for us after all.
In the dailyness of my sometimes hum-drum world, my prayers have included some pretty “wild ideas” of how I think God should provide.
But often later I find myself altering my concept of what is best.
But, before leaving “moose country,” I purchased a picture postcard of a BIG MOOSE to serve as a simple reminder of God’s protection and provisions.
And I offer a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s Providential wisdom.
“In the Dailyness of Life ...” appears in the Advance News each month. A licensed clinical addictions counselor, Yvonne Riege lives near Wakarusa. She enjoys hiking, biking and 5-K race/walks with her husband and spending time with family. She can be reached at vonriege@yahoo.com.