Volunteer disaster case managers for Marshall County sought

Staff Writer

Marshall County Long Term Recovery Operations is actively seeking volunteer case managers to partner with disaster-affected individuals or families to plan and achieve realistic goals for recovery.

A two-day training will be required to participate in this capacity.
Proposed two day training dates (from 9 am to 4 pm) are: Wed/Thurs. March 21-22; Thurs/Fri March 22-23; Tues/Wed March 27-28; Wed/Thurs March 28-29

Disaster Case Management is a time-limited process by which a skilled helper (Disaster Case Manager) partners with a disaster-affected individual or family (Client) in order to plan for and achieve realistic goals for recovery following a disaster. This comprehensive and holistic Disaster Case Management approach to recovery extends beyond providing relief, providing a service, or meeting urgent needs. The Disaster Case Manager serves as a primary point of contact, assisting the Client in coordinating necessary services and resources to address the client’s complex disaster recovery needs in order to re-establish normalcy. Disaster Case Managers rely on the Client to play an active or lead role in his/her own recovery. The disaster case management process involves:

· Outreach
· Screening and Intake for Case Management Services
· Assessment of Disaster Recovery Needs
· Recovery Planning
· Action and Advocacy (Coordination & Implementation)
· Monitoring Recovery Progress
· Closure

For more information, contact Jim Smart at 574-540-9241 or jksmart@comcast.net.