Union-North moving ahead with bond issue

LAKEVILLE - Superintendent of Union-North School Corporation Mitchell Mawhorter presented the school board with the General Obligation Bond Resolution.

All board members except Dan Zeiger were present with the presence of Philip J. Faccenda Jr. Managing Partner of Barnes & Thornburg in South Bend.

Mawhorter discussed the estimated roofing, lighting, heating, flooring, and technology needs including maintenance equipment, discretionary costs and the unknown cost needs.

Technology needs were the main focus as Mawhorter explained the computers at the high school are in their third year and have had many maintenance issues. The super anticipates with the purchase of 364 Ipads for the elementary, the school may be able to reduce the cost of textbook rental as well as other benefits.

"The fourth, fifth and sixth grades will be close to a one to one," said Mawhorter. "We're hoping to replace the very old computer lab in the elementary school. Ipads can be used to take statewide tests as it wasn't the case before and students will also have their reading series on their Ipads."

Mawhorter informed the board he and others will be able to provide a better estimate on the cost for the Ipads.

The board also approved the proposed 2014 budget which includes. the general fund, debt services, retirement services, capital projects, transportation fund and the school bus replacement fund.

Personnel recommendations where approved for the elementary with Derrick DeShone as the high ability coordinator. The Jr.-Sr. LaVille High School approved extra curricular personnel included Jeanette Lymburner as jr. high student council, Christine Stout as vocal music director, Nathanael Sudduth as instrumental music director as well as summer band program and high school fine arts academic coach, senior class cosponsor Debbie Kopetski, Richard Melton for jr./sr. art club sponsor and conservation corps., Cyndy Keeling as jr./sr. envirothon club, senior class cosponsor and speech club Steve Read, Arlene Zarate as junior class cosponsor, h.s. math academic coach, h.s. super bowl coach and jr./sr. high ability coordinator.

Superintendent Mawhorter informed the board he has accepted the resignation of the director of operations Chuck Philips.

The ratification of the 2013-2014 teacher contracts were approved between Union-North and the UNTA.

Changes were approved to the RISE Indiana Teacher Effectiveness Rubric 2.0. After one year, administrators made revisions to the tools to improve consistency in the practices of teachers and the administrators who evaluate them. A board approved copy of the changes must be submitted to the Department of Education by Nov. 1.

The second reading of NEOLA policy 7440.01 or the video surveillance and electrons monitoring, property policy was approved.

Bylaw 0167.2 was passed allowing school board members as of July 1 of this year to have the executive privilege to discuss consolidating schools.

NEOLA policies 5530 the drug prevention for students and 5630 on use of force and corporal punishment in the course of staff supervision of students.

The following items were approved to be paid out of the 2012 bond beginning with $1,675.08 to ERS Wireless Inc. for radios and batteries, Ideal with $975 for heating units at the high school to be cleaned and an additional $750 for two cooling tower doors needing replacement at the elementary, $1,098.49 to Mid City Supply for parts and materials for the elementary drinking fountain and the initial cost of Ciber Software at $3,200 has been replaced by the final cost of $1,600.

The next board meeting will be at 7p.m. at the LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School Media Center, 69969 US 31 South in Lakville. Schools will be closed from Oct. 25-28 for fall break.