Triton educators learn about suicide prevention

BOURBON — A workshop to help teachers and staff identify the signs of someone contemplating suicide was offered the day before students returned to school last week.

“We are going to take probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do and make it simple, notice I did not say easy. It is never easy,” began Hunter Randall corporate trainer for the Bowen Center.

“It is a very somber subject,” said Triton Superintendent Donna Burroughs. “But it is important for us to learn about it because of how much time we spend with the students. If we can help one child in need then it is worth it.”

Randall began the informative lecture by talking about the QPR program. Q is for question a person about suicide. P is for persuade the person to get help. And R is for refer the person to the appropriate resource. QPR is not intended to be a form of counseling or treatment. It is intended to offer hope through positive action.

Details on this important workshop are included in the full-length story in today's Pilot News.