Throwback Thursday: ‘Confusing’ intersection to be studied

A semi-truck makes its way westbound on Indiana 106 while a van and car wait their turn to enter traffic from Indiana 331.
Holly Heller
Former editor

Eleven years ago this week, this story about one of Bremen’s worst intersections appeared in The Bremen Enquirer.
The possibility of a traffic light at the intersection of Indiana 331 South and Indiana 106 East was discussed at the Bremen Town Council’s recent meeting.
The matter was brought to the council’s attention by Police Chief Matt Hassel, who mentioned it on behalf of a concerned, anonymous citizen.
“It is a confusing intersection,” Hassel said. “They feel that putting traffic lights up would end the confusion.”
Council President Jim Brown suggested a study be conducted.
“Because they involve state roads we have no control,” Hassel noted. “But we could send a letter of support to the state.”
Brown recalled a study had been done before.
“They found that the traffic flow did not warrant it,” Brown said.
Chief Hassel reported that he had looked back through the accident reports for recent years and did not find “an unusual number” of accidents at that intersection.
However, Hassel and Brown agreed there are a large number of “close calls” at the intersection, as frequently witnessed and experienced by both of them.
“But really, for as confusing as it is, there haven’t been that many accidents,” Brown said.
He recalled one fatal accident there in 1973 or ’74.
“A young gal was hit broadside by a semi,” Brown said.
The council will ask the Indiana Department of Transportation to conduct a study of the intersection.