THROW BACK THURSDAY: Culver's new police car, 1980

Jeff Kenney
Citizen editor

This photo, from the Jan. 3, 1980 Culver Citizen, shows the new Culver Police car which replaced the 1977 Ford LTD that was totaled during a pursuit on October 3, 1979. Officer Terry Leahy is pictured with the car.

Said the Citizen: "The new squad is a 1977 Dodge sedan that was an Indiana State Police car. It was recently purchased through the State of Indiana for $925. This is the third car purchased through the state and Marshal (Jim) Caudill hopes to continue purchasing used vehicles in this manner as they are needed. The insurance settlement on the wrecked squad enabled the department to purchase and equip the new car with a savings of $675.

"The use of the three squads has been effective in allowing officers to have quick response time while on and off duty. They have also proven efficient in spreading mileage between the three vehicles rather than putting all the miles on one. The maintenance on three squads is considerably less than maintenance costs for one vehicle that would be used continuously in excess of 100,000 miles per year. Each full time officer takes deep pride in keeping his commission in good order and repair."