Theft conviction for former county highway superintendent thrown out

Indiana Court of Appeals rules there wasn’t enough evidence to support jury’s guilty verdict against Neil Haeck
Shawn McGrath
Staff Writer

The Indiana Court of Appeals on Tuesday reversed the theft conviction against the former Marshall County Highway Department superintendent, ruling there wasn’t enough evidence to find him guilty of skimming thousands of dollars from the county’s sale of scrap metal.

A Marshall County grand jury indicted Neil Haeck, of Bourbon, in September 2014 on a single count of theft, a Class D felony punishable by a sentence of six months to three years. He was found guilty after a two-day trial in March 2016.

Haeck declined to comment on the appeals court’s ruling through his lawyer, South Bend-based attorney Stan Wruble.

However, Wruble said his client was relieved at the decision.

“My client was speechless,” the attorney said. “He’s maintained his innocence all along and he’s happy the court of appeals found there was no evidence against him.”

The appeals court ruled there wasn’t enough evidence to support the jury’s guilty verdict that Haeck stole the more than $12,000 that police and prosecutors had alleged he had taken between early 2012 and late 2013.