Telephone scammers lure in seniors

INDIANAPOLIS — Have you ever heard anything that just sounded too good to be true? As we all know, most of the time it is and Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller reminds Hoosiers to be on guard when receiving telephone calls from anyone offering something that just sounds too good.
Zoeller specifically cautions seniors as a lot of the time they are the target for telephone scammers in part because they are more likely to answer the phone.
Often times these scammers will promise to pay off debts or send a large sum of money if you give them access to your bank account. 
What can you do if you receive one of these calls? Hang up immediately. If possible find a way to block the number. Do not press a number to get off the list. Pressing a number confirms the scammers called a working line and they can sell your information. Write down as much information as you can, including the name of the telemarketing company, the location from which they are calling, the name of the person calling, the phone number and the product or service they offer.
Report these telephone scams to the Attorney General’s Office by filing a consumer complaint online at or by calling 888-834-9969. Also, tell your family and friends about the scam and what to do. You could save them from becoming a victim.