Starke County inmates call farm work 'inspiring, therapeutic'

Staff Writer

Jail inmates in Starke County are earning time outside the bars and barbed wire. They are getting their hands dirty by farming. Starke County is one of only a handful of jails that allow this.
Tomatoes, chickens and strawberries aren't just grown in your grandma's garden, they are grown in jail too -- The Starke County Jail.
"This is our FARM. FARM is an acronym for Fostering A Recovering Mentality," says Warden Phil Cherry.
This is the second year for the FARM. It is growing -- they have 23 acres of land there to work with.
Starke County Jail inmates work the soil and reap the benefits.
"This garden is very therapeutic," says Jacob Richie, an inmate.
The benefits come in the form of produce and pride.
"I catch myself even going back inside at night and thinking about what we can do out here to better the garden," says Richie.