Sheriff candidate charged with impersonating officer

PULASKI — Gregory R. Wireman has been charged with impersonation of a public servant, a Class D felony, following an incident reported to the Starke County Sheriff’s Department on Feb. 15. Due to Wireman’s involvement in Starke County, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Stacey Mrak was appointed special prosecutor, and filed the charges in Starke Circuit Court May 31.
On June 5, Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall recused himself, and Pulaski County Superior Court Judge Patrick Blankenship accepted jurisdiction in the case. On June 13, the Court found that probable cause did exist, and Wireman was summoned to appear for an initial hearing on July 22 in Pulaski Superior Court.
The charges stemmed from an incident involving three vacuum cleaner sales representatives in the North Judson area. One of the residents, who questioned the legitimacy of the sales persons, requested Wireman’s assistance. All three sales persons filed official complaints at the Starke County Sheriff’s office alleging that Wireman identified himself as a police officer, asked for identification and made them get out of the van. They also allege that Wireman was accompanied by a man holding a club, and that another vehicle blocked them so they could not leave the premises. One of the sales people asked to see Wireman’s badge, and when he didn’t provide it, she told him it was illegal to hold them. After further discussion, the licenses were returned and they were allowed to leave.
The complainants spoke with two Starke County officers near where the incident occurred before filing the complaints.
Wireman said he is confident he will be exonerated of the charge.
"I am denying the charges and will be found not guilty. I am looking forward to a quick and speedy resolution and I am confident that will happen," he said.
The Committee to Elect Greg Wireman Sheriff filed with the State Election Board on Dec. 12 to pursue the position in the 2014 election. At the present time, Wireman is opposed in the Republican Primary by Billy Bope.