Rockies need win at Goshen to stay in the hunt for NLC share

Plymouth's defense continues to make strides
Rusty Nixon
Sports Editor

Another win on the final possession gave Plymouth's Rockies yet another win, this time on the road at Concord, and more importantly kept the hopes of a share of a conference title alive.
"That's what you like about this group is that they are resilient," said Plymouth coach John Barron. "We continue to have guys make big plays on offense. I'm proud of our kids they don't give up and that's what you want from a football team."
"I'm really happy that we also had some big plays from our defense, especially at the end," said Barron. "The interception by (Ivan) Winkle to end it, I know it was kind of a desperation pass but he read the play and was smart enough to be right where he was supposed to be, over the top of the receiver and in position to make that play."
In fact it was the play of the defense against a tough Concord team that was a lot of the story of that win.
"I think we figured some things out defensively," said Barron. "We ran six guys in up front. We had four different linebackers in the middle. Blake (Reed) is going to be in there at that linebacker spot if the situation demands it. Seth (Rundell) if he's healthy is going to be out there at corner if they're slinging it around because he's our best cover guy. It's nice to have all those guys to use depending on the situation."
Offensively the front line had a solid game enabling the offense to find itself after a shaky start.
"(Brayson)Leazenby, (Jackson) Lee and (Quentin) Crawford are real solid in the middle," said Barron. "And Hime and Himes (Andrew and Kendall) are big strong guys at those tackle spots, and Andrew went out early in that game and Alex Parkhurst came in and gave us a solid game."
Plymouth will hit the road for Goshen, a team that has always been hard on the Rockies in the past.
"You see a team that hasn't won a game and that shouldn't make any difference to anybody in our preparation," said Barron. "They are going to come after us and we have to be hungry when we get over there."
"They have a big running back (Bryant Grewe) that runs hard and they do a lot of zone runs and will play action pass off of that a lot. Hopefully we have the maturity to finish off this week well."
Game time at Goshen is 7 p.m.