Rockies look to bounce back vs Concord

PLYMOUTH — A tough loss on the road a week ago leaves Plymouth’s Rockies with a week to recover and will have to do it against one of their schedule’s top challenges.
Each year the Plymouth vs. Concord match is a red letter date on each team’s calendar. Nearly every year for the past 10 it has decided or had powerful implications regarding the NLC championship.
A week ago at Wawasee, the Warriors exposed some Plymouth difficulties.
“I thought we were really prepared going in and I thought we did some good things,” said Plymouth head coach John Barron. “We really played poorly on special teams and the Cook kid is just a great receiver and made a lot of plays.”
“I feel like their front played very well and gave us some problems that resulted in us putting the ball on the ground.”
Some other turnovers — the bottom line in the Plymouth loss — were inevitable given the need to score quickly and often once behind late in the game.
“We had a couple late picks and it was when we were trying some new things in the passing game,” said Barron. “We did some things that we just don’t do. It’s just one of those games where we just have to let it go and move on.”
The faster the better as the 5-1 Minutemen come to town after a loss a week ago to Jimtown.
“It’s normally not very good to see them after a loss,” said Barron. “Normally they just take it out on who they’re playing,, but this is Homecoming week. It’s exciting to our kids, it’s exciting to our school, and I really think our kids are resilient. They understand what it takes, especially to beat a team like Concord. They know they have a chance to have a say in who is conference champion.”
There is some work on the drawing board.
“There are some things we have to fix,” said Barron. “Losing games that way isn’t really acceptable to us and we have to look at ourselves — players and coaches — and do what we have to to get back where we want to be.”
“They are enormously talented — as always — on offense. Their quarterback is the kind of player who can beat you himself. They fly around on defense. It’s just important for us to get off to a good start and ride out the highs and lows that are going to happen in the game.”