Property owner lauds ‘hero’ in Culver accident

A May 25 accident left a Main Street building and vehicle damaged but no one seriously injured, and the building owner calling her renter a "hero" for his quick response to the situation.

Culver police officers John Duhnovsky and Bill Strong were dispatched to a building owned by Diane Hansen, at 313 N. Main Street in Culver. Elisabeth Davis of Culver, according to the police report, had just completed the automatic car wash at Lake Shore Drive and Ohio Street and later reported her gas pedal stuck as she began to exit the car wash to the east. Her vehicle accelerated across the alley and into the carport of Hansen's building, snapping one of the carport's supporting posts. The vehicle then struck an approximately 30-inch high concrete block wall with enough force to strike and damage the wall of Hansen's building, four feet beyond.

Hansen contacted the Culver Citizen to express her appreciation for the efforts of Troy Elliott, who is currently renting the an apartment in the building. According to Hansen, Elliott entered through the back of Davis' car, since the front driver's door wouldn't open, and went to her aid, shutting off the vehicle, which was still smoking and accelerating. He then stayed with Davis until Culver EMS arrived.

"His quick actions helped Elisabeth and perhaps saved my building from more destruction," says Hansen, adding, "When Troy felt the car hit the building and hear the car slam into the carport and building, he said it reminded him of a bomb going off in Iraq, where he served. From Troy's training and experience he reacted without thinking of his own safety and welfare."

Elliott also credits two passing Culver Academies students who stopped to help.

Davis was transported to St. Joseph Medical Center in Plymouth for examination.

Hansen, who also thanked members of the Culver fire department, EMS, and Duhnovsky, adds, "Culver is a caring community and we have homegrown heroes to protect us and help us all."