Plymouth School Board selects Hartley as new superintendent

Retiring Superintendent Dan Tyree poses with Andrew Hartley the newly appointed superintendent
Staff Writer

Andrew Hartley has been named the new superintendent for the Plymouth School Corporation. The appointment was confirmed during the School Board meeting on June 7. He was named assistant superintendent since January, 2015 and was served as acting superintendent for six months to cover the medical leave of Superintendent Daniel Tyree. Tyree will be retiring as of June 30.
Tyree spoke highly of Hartley’s appointment saying, “It’s not too often that schools get to try out their superintendent before they hire them. When I was out of the office fort nearly six months for my kidney transplant, Andy Hartley took over the daily job description of the superintendent.” Tyree added, “He not only did his job, but he also handled most of my job with the expertise of a veteran. I knew at that point that Andy had what it took to be a superintendent.” “I’m so glad that he was able to be named superintendent at Plymouth. The school and the community are in great shape with Andy at the helm.”