Photographer Rosen to visit Culver Jan. 29

Culver Academies' Crisp Visual Art Center hosts visiting artist photographer Claire Rosen on Wednesday, Jan. 29 at 6:45 p.m. in the Toots Henderson Auditorium. Rosen is based in New York and was included on Forbes "30 Brightest under 30" list of 2012.

Like many photographers, Annie Liebowitz and Richard Avedon included, Rosen is both a Fine Art and Commercial Photographer and is currently most known for investing her photographs with a sense of fantasy coupled with whimsical references to folk tales. Represented by several galleries, including Verve Gallery and Gallery 51, Rosen exhibits internationally and has taught and lectured at Gulf Photo Plus, the Hallmark Institute, and the International Center for Photography.

Rosen will present her work and speak about creativity in the vision of the artist. All are welcome to attend.