Outdoor Culver Christmas decorating contest launches

The Culver Youth Community Organization (CYCO), a service organization comprised of students from Culver Community High School and the Culver Academies, is reviving a long-defunct Culver tradition this year in the form of a outdoor Christmas decorating contest for the Culver area.

Longtime Culver residents may recall the longtime annual decorating contest sponsored for years by the Culver Chamber of Commerce and Jaycees, respectively, though that contest ended more than two decades ago.

There is a $5 registration fee, with funds raised going to Culver’s food pantry. Registration forms will be available at Culver’s town hall. Participants will have a sign placed in their yard designating their homes as part of the contest, and participating addresses will be listed on a map CYCO will distribute throughout the community.

Judging will take place Dec. 18.

Those with questions may contact Justin Croy of CYCO at justincroy@icloud.com.