Nixon notches 17 TDs for Rockies

Nixon dives for the goal line.
Dalton Tinklenberg
Staff Writer

To say local Plymouth senior Benji Nixon has had a decent season would be an understatement. Nixon continuously showed why opposing defenses have grown to fear him all season as he regularly carved his way to the end zone.
“I don’t know that I think about scoring points every time I touch the ball,” said Nixon. “I think about not letting anybody tackle me every time I touch the ball. That’s a lot easier when you have Nate LaFree and Blake Reed and our (offensive) o-line blocking for you.”
The shifty, all-purpose back has had some electrifying long distance runs during the season that left fans and teammates alike somewhat amazed at his ability to make tacklers miss. Where did he learn all those moves? “Madden,” he said simply. “Growing up playing video games helped actually. I don’t know that I actually plan any moves or anything. It’s really just an in-the-moment kind of thing. You see guys coming at you hard and you do what you have to to make them miss you.”
Nixon was able to find the end zone with ease this season but just how good has he been compared to other athletes — not just in Indiana but the nation?