Nicole Sharkey grateful for Lillian’s miracle

Nicole Sharkey holds baby Lillian. Lillian received a life-saving organ donation in July. “I wrote the donor family a letter. You are not supposed to get too detailed with anything but you are allowed to exchange first names and her age. I told them in that letter that I will never understand their loss but I understand their love because it was their love that gave my daughter a second chance at life. That’s what I am most thankful for this year.”
Jamie Stoner
Staff Writer

Lillian was born Monday, Jan. 28, 2018 to Ben and Nicole Sharkey.

Lillian was born healthy but was not gaining weight.

They knew Lillian was sick when she was about five weeks old.

Before Lillian would reach a year old, she would receive a life-saving liver transplant.

According to Lillian’s mother, Nicole, “At her first checkup she had not gained a significant amount of weight. She was breastfed so they were not too worried. They wanted us to come back so they could monitor her. We went in for weight checks and she kept not gaining weight.”

But Nicole Sharkey shared that after the fifth week of weight-checks, the doctors began to express their concerns.

“They checked her bilirubin and noticed those numbers were high,” she said. “They referred us to Memorial Hospital. They believed there was an underlying cause for her inability to gain weight. They did an ultrasound. They discovered she did not have a gallbladder. That can be a common thing. People can be born without a gallbladder.”

Sharkey explained, “Initially I was told we would likely be at the hospital for 24 hours. They told me they would be keeping us longer than 24 hours because they wanted to make sure she was not dehydrated. They also refused to release her until she started gaining weight. I was very nervous.”

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