New technique at SJHS gives parents opportunity to see their newborn delivered by C-section

A new clear drape technique used during cesarean section deliveries gave new parents Lindsey Danford and Bill Bailey the chance to see baby Finley’s very first moments at Saint Joseph Health System Plymouth Medical Center.
Staff Writer

Seeing your newborn for the first time is an experience parents never forget. For moms delivering by cesarean section however, that first glimpse is delayed because of a surgical drape that blocks the view during the procedure. Saint Joseph Health System (SJHS) has introduced a new technique using a clear drape to give parents a chance to see the moment their child is born.
“This simple technique has made a tremendous difference during one of the most significant moments of our parents’ lives,” said Noreen Faulkner, MD, Marshall County OB/GYN. “While the health of the mother and baby are our priority, this technique offers a way for the bonding time to begin immediately.”
During a typical C-section delivery, a blue drape serves as a sterile barrier during the surgery, normally blocking the view of the newborn’s delivery. With this new technique, both a blue and clear drape serve as the barrier. At the time of delivery, the blue drape is lowered while the clear drape remains, offering a view for the parents if they choose.