Neher’s abstract art brings healing; passion

Beth Paré
Staff Writer

Culver native Justin Neher is living proof of the concept that one never completely knows what will happen next.
A Culver Community High School 2002 graduate, Neher, who now lives in the Indianapolis area with his wife Sarah, knows what it is to deal with an unexpected turn of events.
On July 17, 2013, a motorcycle accident on US 30 in Grovertown changed his life, as he sustained serious injuries when a truck pulled out in front of him. His pelvis was broken in five places, as well as a wrist, a rib, and a badly broken left leg.
Cruising Netflix one day, he came across a show about mathematics and was fascinated by the fact that abstract artist/painter Jackson Pollock actually used mathematical formulas to create his art. His interest was piqued, and he searched for and found many Youtube videos on creating abstract art. He relates how he turned to Sarah and said, “I really want to give this a shot.” Sarah’s reply: “If anyone can do it, you can.”
Admitting that his first few attempts were less than serious, Neher experimented with techniques he learned from videos. His first painting that he posted on Facebook got a $150 offer within a few minutes. He has kept his very first painting; it hangs inside the front door of his house now. The painting that he considers his single best work hangs in the house of his parents, Donald and Anna Neher.
“I’m a self taught abstract artist from right here in Indianapolis! Art became my therapy, my new lease on life after it almost ended in 2013, due to a motorcycle accident. Abstract art gave me a freedom I had nearly lost, and allowed me to share that freedom with the world. My art reflects my journey through life.”
To view Neher’s videos, visit: Abstract Art. Neher’s Facebook page, where he displays many of his pieces, is also titled Reaction Abstract Art. Neher can also be found on Instagram and Twitter.