National Weather Service confirms two tornadoes in Marshall County

MARSHALL COUNTY — Late Wednesday afternoon the National Weather Service (NWS) completed their survey of the early morning storms. The report confirmed two tornado in Marshall County.

The first tornado registered as an EF-0 with wind peaks of 80 mph. Its path covered a track of 1.3 miles and was approximately 50 yards across. The touch down occurred at 12:40 a.m. just south of the Lear Corporation two miles west/northwest of Plymouth.

The second tornado was classified as an EF-1, with wind peaks of 95 mph. It was shorter, only covering a distance of 0.2 miles at approximately 50 yards in width. It touched down at 12:41 a.m. two miles northeast of Plymouth.

It touched down near the intersection of Lilac Road and Plymouth-Goshen Trail. There was hardwood tree damage as well as several uprooted trees and structural damage to a shed and a barn.

Both tornados are classified as weak on the enhanced Fujita-scale.

Additional information included in today's Pilot News.