Mayor Senter's Prayer Breakfast featured Coach Mike Lightfoot

Staff Writer

Mayor Senter hosted the annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast on Thursday May 3 beginning at 6:30 a.m. at Christo’s Banquet Hall in Plymouth. Regional Director for Nations of Coaches Mike Lightfoot was the guest speaker. Proceeds from the event went to the Local Boy Scouts Troops #251 and #257.
Coach Lightfoot shared his challenging message Thursday morning with light hearted and humorous illustrations but his sincerity was clear, "Don’t only be a fan in the game of life. We need to get into the game of life. Too many times we sit on the sidelines. Then we worry about what is happening to our culture. Why are things going bad? How did we lose prayer in school? Why are we losing the rights that we love in this country. We all need to get in the game. That is my challenge for you."