May 10 update on Marshall County road repairs

Staff Writer

Marshall County Highway crews are preparing roads for calcium (reclaimed roads and gravels for dust control and base stabilization )rest of this week and next. Reclaimed roads are being rolled a second time once calcium is applied to help compact some of the aggregate that is on top.
There are also crews ditching and berming the reclaimed roads, to help drainage on the new surfaced roads .
Culvert crews have also been checking and replacing culvert pipes on the roads that are getting resurfaced.
Next week the department plans to start priming roads that are on the 2018 road program that were reclaimed and are getting resurfaced.
Some of these roads may be prime coated for a few weeks before surface is applied. With the weather and the farming season, the highway department most likely will start chip and sealing in a few of the subdivision that were on the road program to try and avoid as much farm traffic as possible, before starting on some of the roads through out county.
As the Highway Department starts gearing up for the 2018 season, they ask that drivers be cautious of road crews out working on road projects. Jason Peters, department supervisor said "we completely understand the inconvenience it causes at times, and will do our best to notify the public of road work ahead of time."