Local actor in new film

“This film has the potential to make it big! I absolutely love my character. It is arguably the most powerful role in the film,” Craig Lemons, Bremen acting hopeful, said of his new project, a locally produced movie, “Fang.”
Lemons, in his 30s, said the movie is expected to be released to select theaters in 2011.
Lemons said the film is “a vampire movie like no other” in that it combines “a little horror, a lot of drama, and some suspense.”
His appearance in the film is part of his master plan to become a full-time working actor. To achieve the goal, he’s working in film, building a personal portfolio of his body of work, and planning to move to the West Coast in two years. Lemons has appeared locally in “The Christmas Con” with the Lakes Area Players and in “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” with New World Arts.
Shot mostly in Buchanan, Mich., the cast and crew includes some hopefuls like Lemons, as well as seasoned movie veterans. David Rutherford directed the photography, and Joe Bitzer, first assistant director, who has worked on several big sets including videos for the rapper Nelly. Liza Kulz, makeup artist for the film, did makeup for Anna Kendrick for “Up In The Air.” Anna was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in her performance with co-star George Clooney.
Lemons said the film crew’s connections mean “Fang” will be scrutinized by Hollywood, too.
“I have been tutored and mentored by three Holly-wood actresses, who have all told me I am doing things properly,” Lemons said. “They are Lindsay Hollister, who was Xena on ‘My Name Is Earl’, and Maxwell Smart’s dance partner in ‘Get Smart’; Alisha Seaton, who played Cindy Stracinski in ‘The Fourth Kind,’ and Kim Estrada, a ‘Deal Or No Deal’ model for three years, a boxer in ‘Million Dollar Baby,’ and most recently a guest star on ‘Criminal Minds.’ I will keep my contact with them as well as to continue to be on the lookout for more.
Lemons is preparing a demo reel that includes his current role in “Fang,” as well as other performances in a comedy performance in Goshen, “Dead Sexy,” and other movies now in post-production, “The Terrain” and “American Covet.”