Lincoln Jr. High to amend reported bullying incidents

PLYMOUTH — The number of bullying incidents reported to the state this year by Lincoln Jr. High School was not accurate, school officials said. That number is being amended.

Of the 60 incidents reported, only about three were determined to be actually bullying incidents that meet the reporting criteria. The others were simply reports which included name-calling and other actions not fitting within the bullying criteria, according to Assistant Principal Craig Hopple.

Some of the inaccurate reports may have been due to misinterpretations of the data being required. Incidents were only to be reported after a school official determined that “bullying” had actually occurred as verbal incidents, physical incidents, social/relational incidents, written communication/electronic incidents or a combination of the other categories. Indiana law defines bullying as “overt and unwanted repeated acts, including verbal or written communications by phone or computer that creates a hostile school environment for a targeted student that places them in reasonable fear of harm or affects their mental health or school performance.”