LaFree, Loudermilk, Anderson on winning North football team

Rusty Nixon
Sports Editor

This year’s Indiana North/South All-Star football game featured a lot of names familiar to Marshall County football fans.
Three area football players — Plymouth’s Nate LaFree, Culver Community’s Marcellus Anderson and CMA’s Brian Loudermilk were on the North squad and were joined by a pair of coaches with ties to the area.
CMA’s Andy Dorrell and current Angola head coach Andy Thomas — who was a coach and AD at Culver Community for many years — were the offensive line coaches for the North squad and as a result, got to know LaFree and Anderson a little better.
Both players were happy for that association.
“Coach Thomas and coach Dorrell were the best,” said LaFree. “They were intense. They taught us a lot. They really brought us together as a unit. Our O-line really came together as a unit. It was great.”
“I couldn’t have had any better coaches than coach Thomas and coach Dorrell,” echoed Anderson, who knew both coaches from his playing days in Culver. “They were the best coaches I could have hoped for. It was great to learn from them and pick up some stuff that I’m going to run in college. It was great.”
Anderson will be attending Saginaw Valley State in the fall on a football scholarship and felt the learning experience was invaluable for his development as a player.
“You’re playing with and against the best players in the state. The game is really fast,” said Anderson. “I already knew most of the stuff that they were showing us but we ran power football on offense at Culver. It was great to get to practice some of the read option, some of the zone blocking stuff that will go with our offense next year. We didn’t have to do much of that in high school.”
LaFree had to re-learn a lot of things too. He will be a linebacker when he reports to the team at Hillsdale College, but for the North team, he was the anchor of the offensive line at center.
“It was really different. I haven’t worked on any offensive lineman things for a long time,” he said. “I’ve been running a lot, working on drills for linebackers. It took some time to get used to blocking people again but I think I picked it up pretty good. It helped having guys like Marcellus next to me on the line though. He’s like 6’6” or something and really big so being in the same unit with guys like him really helped out.”
Anderson liked having LaFree around too.
“He’s a smart guy. I was really happy to have him right next to me,” he said. “We had a lot of plays to learn in a short time and every once in awhile, I had to look at him and he’d say ‘don’t worry this is what we’re doing.’ It was nice to have him next to me.”
Both said exactly the same thing about the experience of playing in the game.
“It was awesome. It was even better than I imagined it would be,” they each said.
“I know we only had a week but Marcellus and my group on the O-line really came together as a team,” said LaFree. “I met so many great guys. It was really just a great experience.”
“I didn’t know that you could do it in just the short time we had, but I really feel like the North became a real team in just a week,” said Marcellus. “The game was intense. Having players around that good push you in a good way getting you ready for your college team in a couple weeks. It was really awesome.”
“It was good,” said Nate. “It was all good.”