Knox-owned building to be used for pop-up stores

Knox’s Redevelopment Commission recently purchased 10 S. Main and will soon be ready for businesses to apply for its use as a pop-up store.
Angela Cornell

The building at 10 S. Main in Knox was recently purchased by the Redevelopment Commission and has been a subject for debate this month. Finally, they decided to use it as a pop-up store.

“There’s no long-term commitment in a pop-up. You might be here for the Christmas holiday and be gone; or you might be here for a long time. There’s a chance that there will be more than one business at a time in that building,” Mayor Dennis Estok said at the Jan. 22 Common Council meeting.

The commission and downtown business owners are excited about the building’s potential. However, the building’s future is not set in stone.

“We really want some entrepreneurs to go in there and give them a chance to start their own business,” said Mayor Estok. “And if they flourish, they might move out. They might buy their own building. We might sell them the building! We aren’t too sure, but it all depends on how it goes. If we start getting some businesses in there trying it, and keep that building going and drawing people downtown, we may keep it that way… We want people to try businesses down there.”

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