Klockow discusses life's journey thus far

BREMEN — Take it from Chuck Klockow, owner of the Horse and Saddle Shop in Bremen, there's nothing wrong with trying new things.
It's so pushed in this world to do know what we want to do; I didn't even go to college until I was 21," Klockow, Bremen, said.
Straight out of John Glenn High School, Klockow joined the airforce at age 17. He travelled to Georgia to work for the military in communications and was later asked to travel to the White House to work in the White House Communications Center, where he worked with President George Bush Sr. and President Bill Clinton.
"I enjoyed it a lot," he explained. He worked in the White House for four years; and was in the military for nine total.
At the age of 21, while still in the military, Klockow finally decided get his degree from Park College in Missouri in computer programming.

** To read the entire story, see the May 8 edition of the Bremen Enquirer.