Kathy Smart and the art of storytelling

Kathy Smart will have a third book published in the spring of 2019
Jamie Stoner
Staff Writer

Prairie Publications Inc. approved a third book for publication written by Kathy Smart. Smart’s first book ‘Melvin’ was published in 2016 by Prairie Publications Inc. Since then ‘Henry Goes Fishing’ has been published and she received word that her third book, still a surprise, will be released in the Spring of 2019.
Though she had put pen to paper almost 7 years before publication, ‘Melvin’ was Smart’s first published book and was released in 2016. Smart wrote her book and carried on with the raising of her children and the keeping of her family. When her own children spread their wings she decided it was time to finish some of the ambitions she began but had yet to complete and she set her mind to look for a publisher for ‘Melvin’.
‘Melvin’ is a story about a bright-eyed sandpiper who has a very special and unique skill despite a personal disability. Melvin must decide if he should use his special skill to save ‘the bully of the beach’ who has been hurtful to him, or turn away and let the bully drown.
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