Important Change this Election

James Master
Staff Writer

MARSHALL COUNTY — If you normally vote straight ticket during elections, a change is coming you will want to be aware of.
Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 61 (SEA 61), signed by Governor Mike Pence on Mar. 21, states that when voting a straight ticket, offices that more than one candidate can be elected (at-large races) will not bee automatically counted.
"Basically what it's saying is that if you voted for straight party ticket, you still need to select your county council race. It's not going to be included in that straight party," said Marshall County Clerk Deb VanDeMark.
One of the ways that the Election Board is informing the county's voters is to place signs up at the voting pads notifying them of this change.
"The reason for this was some, I don't know if it was a problem with our type of machine, but some of the vendors of machines across the state had the issue where if you hit straight party ticket then sometimes the people would go down and also vote individually for some people. And so they would have an over vote, and then people didn't know how to count that and some of them were thrown out all of the vote and some were just not counting that race and this kind of fixes that," Election Board Member Sean Surrisi said.