Heartland Artist Gallery hosts John Miller as November’s Featured Artist

John Miller showcasing his book Reconciliation.
Allena Peacock

Saturday, Nov. 10, Heartland Artist Gallery hosted John Miller as November’s featured artist, including his thought-provoking exhibit, Reconciliation.

Along with the exhibit, Miller also offered a book of his work also titled Reconciliation.

The Laffoons, a local band, also joined the festivities christening the gallery with lighthearted tunes.

    Miller can be described in many words, but brave is one that comes to mind.

His work and his personality are bold, and honest, unafraid of challenging the conventions of art and life.

Anna Kietzman, President of Heartland Artist’s Gallery, says of his work,

“His [Miller] work is unique and different for our area. I think that his work is definitely very contemplative and moving, very emotional. It’s challenging, I think, to people’s emotions. The perspective is just so apparent, it puts everything in place. Anyone who were to view his work, I think would be very moved by what he creates and would interact with his art. It’s relevant to what’s happening in the world today and I’m so happy to have him here at the gallery this month. I look forward to what he’s going to come up with in the future.”

Miller is a laid back Midwestern guy from Plymouth recently returning from 40 years living in Florida.

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