Greetings, fellow citizens of Marshall County!

The Culver Citizen editor Shelby Harrell after her graduation from Manchester University.
Shelby Harrell

My name is Shelby Harrell, and I am overjoyed to announce that I will be acting as your informant, a beloved companion that will join you in peaceful, relaxing evenings as you peruse my boldly-typed headlines and, most of all, the new Editor of The Culver Citizen!

My words act as a guide to the ultimate truths, my presence embodies that of the social justice vigilante, and my location can only be described as within the pages of The Culver Citizen (specifically within the “Local” pages next to the history section).

To put it simply, I am everywhere.


Actually, I am a 22-year-old recent college graduate who picked up work as a stringer before being hired as the editor of The Culver Citizen and who is currently working out of her base office at the Pilot News in Plymouth.

I do, however, have a great desire to help make a positive difference by enlightening members of the Culver community as well as inspiring readers to respond to what is going on around them.

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