Flu vaccine available at Marshall County Health Department

Personal care packages are available free of charge at the Marshall County Health Department (while supplies last) containing individual lip balm, hand sanitizer, pocket / purse sized facial tissue and information explaining the difference between the ‘stomach flu’ and influenza. The information is made available through the Indiana Immunization Coalition. More information can be found online at vaccinateindiana.org
Jamie Stoner
Staff Writer

Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that the flu viruses are active year round; however they are more common during fall and winter. Marshall County Health Department (MCHD) is offering the flu vaccine.

Marshall County Public Health Nurse Lisa Letsinger shared, “We offer Flulaval which is the quadrivalent preservative free flu vaccine for ages 6 months and up.”

MCHD now accepts private health insurance. Letsinger shared, “In our Vaxcare program for private insurance we have Flulaval, Flu mist for ages 2-49 and high dose flu for ages 65 and over.”

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