Eagle Scout project aims to clean up cemetery in west township

Boy Scout Alex Fox has dedicated himself to restoring the old Mitchell Ramsey Cemetery in West Township for his Eagle Scout project.Boy Scout Alex Fox, Noah Duff, and Kevin Bachman work to clean up the Mitchell Ramsey Cemetery for Fox's Eagle Scout project during the months of March and April. The project included repairing gravestones, removing leaves, brambles, debris, and almost 90 trees that had fallen.A new sign graces the Mitchell Ramsey Cemetery in West Township, as part of Boy Scout Alex Fox's Eagle Scout project in the county.
Rachael Herbert-Varchetto
Staff Writer

MARSHALL COUNTY — Community service means as much to the people who receive help as it does to those who serve.
Boy Scout Alexander Fox saw an opportunity in his community to fill a need and do a good service for the deceased.
Several months back, Fox was approached by a coworker who property sits on the Mitchell Ramsey Cemetery in West Township.
"He asked me, 'Don't you need an Eagle Scout project?' And I said yes. He told me about the graveyard and a couple weeks later, we went out and checked it out," said Fox, a Junior at Plymouth High School.
The graveyard was a "mess", a wreck of its former self. Trees grew up or had fallen over, briars invaded every inch they could, and between six or seven gravestones were cracked and damaged. Covered in leaves, Fox knew that he and his volunteers were going to have a true forest of work ahead of them to clear.
After speaking with the head of the cemetery. Fox got to work cleaning up the Mitchell Ramsey Ceremony.
Starting on March 14, Fox and a group of 25 volunteers that he calls on for help have cleared out 90 trees, pulled away the briars, and raked out the leaves, as well as landscaping to beautify the area.
"I thought it'd be a really good project for me because I've always been a kind of hands on person," said Fox.
HIs fellow scouts had been taking up community tasks such as putting in flagpoles and placing sewer medallions on streets.
"That's never really been my kind of style. How I work is a lot more physical, it wasn't so logistical, it wasn't planning as much. I planned to get the materials and volunteers to clean it up, but other than that it's been pretty much physical labor which I've always been better at."
On the weekends, Fox would work, with a rotating crew of up to 11 people coming to help clear the debris from the graveyard.
Fox enjoys the managing aspect of the project.
"That's where the leadership part comes in, because I can advise people on how it could be done that I think would be effective, and just giving them general advice," he explained.
Fox, like all scouts on the road to finishing an Eagle Scout project, completed the requirements he needed, but stated that for the project, a specific amount of time is not required for success.
"The goal of the Eagle Scout project is for the scout to show their leadership abilities through scouting, how they've grown, and the things they've learned. It's mean to test them on how well they can lead others by demonstrating that leadership skill," he said.
Of the project, leadership skills has been the task Fox has had to work at.
"I've always had trouble with being a leader, so I've been stepping out of my comfort zone more and more. In this project alone I've grown as a leader, with just delegating work and helping people out with advice," said Fox.
The graveyard has one task still left to complete.
Fox has ready an epoxy he and the volunteers will use to repair the stones, a "strong glue" that will bind the stone together.
But due to the cold weather, he hasn't been able to use the epoxy. It requires a 24 hour drying period with the temperature to be higher than 45 degrees to cure.
"The weather hasn't been real helpful lately," he joked.
He looks forward to the completion of the project and being granted the rank of Eagle Scout before the board review.