Downed power line blacks out portion of city

Severed pole near city hall that caused a power outage for more than two hours in the downtown area. Some power has been restored, However, full restoration to all affected areas may take the entire day.
Staff Writer

Portions of downtown Knox were without power for several hours this morning, after a Waste Management truck got caught up in a power line and brought the pole down, breaking it in two pieces.
The Knox City Hall building, Knox Police, the Starke County Courthouse, sheriff's department and The Leader newspaper were all affected.
The Starke County Sheriff's Department has a generator for 911 calls and computers, so the power outage did not affect the sheriff's office from maintaining operations.
Knox Mayor Rick Chambers said that NIPSCO reported it could take the rest of the day to fully restore all power to the area.
Shortly before 11 a.m., power was restored to several area businesses around the area of the incident. However, a traffic light at U.S. 35 and Lake Street is still blinking. Motorists are expected to come to a complete stop and treat the light as if is a four-way stop.