Culver residents invited to 'vision' for town's future June 24

Culver area residents are asked to be part of a Community Vision Workshop where residents, business owners, elected and appointed officials, members of the consultant team and other stakeholders will work together to create a vision for the Town of Culver.

Attendees at the June 24, 6:30 p.m. event – to take place at thee Culver Comm. High School cafeteria -- will participate in an interactive workshop format to map out their concerns, the things they like best about the community, and the changes they would like to see made in both the near and long-term. The vision workshop will be a fun and engaging way to provide your thoughts about the future of Culver.

Why is the Vision Workshop important?

The purpose of the workshop will be to establish an overall “vision” for the future of the Town of Culver that can provide focus and direction for subsequent planning activities, serve as the “cornerstone” of the consensus building process, and identify a path for growth. Based on the Vision Workshop and previous steps in the planning process, preliminary planning goals and objectives will be prepared.

All community members are encouraged to attend. Those with any questions or comments related to the Town of Culver Comprehensive Plan may contact David Schoeff, Town Manager at 574-842-3140 or