Commissioners debate two-mile difference

Staff Writer

When it came time to approve the monthly claims, the Starke County Commissioners paused to discuss a two-mile difference in two mileage claims.
“I’m assuming that the total presented includes the reduced mileage amount, not the full mileage amount requested. Is that correct,” asked Commissioner Kathy Norem.
Starke County Auditor Katherine Chaffins stated that was correct. Norem continued stating that the commissioners had received the Department of Local Government Finances (DLGF) for the State Board of Accounts comments on travel expenses. She read the comments adding that they matched what the county’s policies were regarding travel expenses.
“But nowhere does it say they have to take the shortest route,” Norem stated. The commissioner then presented two separate claims that had two miles taken off the original claim.
On one of the claims, the trip was from Knox to Indianapolis. The two-mile difference apparently came from a detour from the normal trip. Commissioner Norem said that she had traveled that path recently and believed that the two extra miles was justified.