A college degree is closer than you think

Ancilla College is hosting a special presentation Thursday, Feb. 28 from 5 to 7 p.m. CST in the meeting room at the Henry F. Schricker Public Library in Knox. The event, entitled "A college degree is closer than you think", is a perfect opportunity for residents to learn more about pursuing higher education.
"The thought of going to college can be overwhelming to someone who has never been through the process. This program can help to take that fear away. We will walk you through the admissions process, degree choices, financial aid and scholarship information step by step. At Ancilla College, we focus on each individual student to make sure that they have the information and tools to be successful," said Kelly Manning, Ancilla College admissions counselor.
Ancilla has been touted as one of Northern Indiana's best kept little secrets. It's nestled in a wooded area that sits on a 1000-acre scenic countryside campus.
Currently, the college offers 17 different degree programs. Scholarships and financial aid are also available to make attending college a dream that can be attainable by anyone who has the desire to pursue a goal of higher education.
Kelly Manning and Sarah Lawrence will be available to answer any questions that interested potential students or parents may have. A short presentation will also be made at 5:20 and 6:20 p.m.
The event will be set up more like an open house. Individuals will not need to stay the entire two hours to get the information they seek, if they do not wish to.
Anyone who has considered changing career paths or entering a higher paying job market, Ancilla College may just be the first step along the path to realizing your goals.