Chipman invites the public to have dessert with friends

Chipman invites the public to have dessert with friends
Jamie Stoner
Staff Writer

Marshall County Council on Aging is hosting an event ‘Dessert with Friends’ at the Life Enrichment Center on Tuesday, Oct. 9 beginning at 5 p.m.

Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney E. Nelson Chipman, Jr. will be present along with Section Chief of Consumer Litigation from the Indiana Attorney General’s Office Justin Hazlett to have an informal discussion with the public about elder exploitation.

Chipman shared with a friendly smile, “There will be pie.”

Chipman was eager to share with the public about the prevalence of elder abuse, how to recognize it, and how to protect yourself. “The exploitation we are talking about is financial exploitation.”

Chipman encouraged individuals to reach out to prevent crime, not only in response to it. “We are here to help prevent something bad from happening and not only respond to crime once it does. We really want to see more prevention.”

Why do people rob the eldery? Chipman referred to the famous bank robber Willie Sutton who was asked why he robbed banks, “Because that is where the money is.” Chipman illustrated that statistics show that 60% of America’s wealth belongs to persons who are 65 and older which makes them a target for financial exploitation.

Hazlett will also be present at the event to share information and answer questions. Chipman shared, “I expect to learn a lot from him.”

Chipman and Victim Assistance Coordinator Sharon Dotta have planned an evening of ‘dessert with friends’.

Anyone interested in learning more about elder exploitation, what it is, and how to prevent it are welcome to attend. Chipman shared that a variety of pies have been ordered for the event including pumpkin and Dotta confirmed with a smile.

This event is being held as part of the Fall Semester of People’s University of Marshall County and is being offered free.

The Life Enrichment Center is located at 1305 W. Harrison St., Plymouth. For more information please call 574-935-8609.