CCHS teachers and students begin implementing plans for Cav’s Mart and Cavalier Boutique

The school’s former bookstore will serve as the perfect location for Cav’s Mart and Cavalier Boutique.
Shelby Harrell

Originally intending to start a fashion club one day, Culver Community High School senior Colton Minix collaborated with Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Brandy Zehner to begin the process of developing a program that the duo would name “Cav’s Mart”.

The basic idea behind “Cav’s Mart” is to make any variety of product from basic necessities such as clothing and personal hygiene products to materials needed for academic purposes such as poster board, markers, pens, pencils, notebooks and even backpacks available to students of low income families.

“It would be a place for kids to go and get the things that they need without having to spend money,” said Zehner.

Inventory would consist of products purchased through donations made by members of the community as well as the direct donation of products that have been gently used.

“I have kids bringing in clothes that they don’t want or need any more to donate,” Zehner said excitedly.

Fundraisers will also be conducted.

Specific items that will be offered at Cav’s mart will include toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, shampoos and conditioners, body spray, packages of newly purchased undergarments including underwear and socks, hairbrushes, and body soaps.

The Cavalier boutique, however, will offer clothing items such as either newly purchased or gently used jeans, dress pants, shirts, shoes, shorts, and dresses.

“We are looking for anybody who would love to help donate to our cause,” Zehner said.

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