Cardboard boat race debuts on Lake Max July 28

Staff Writer

With vessels never intended to be seaworthy for long, some courageous individuals and teams are preparing for what best can be described as a zany outing on Saturday, as Culver’s inaugural Cardboard Boat Race sets sail (so to speak).

“This is our first year so I think it may take some time to get more people on board,” says Ruth Tamminga. “We do know of at least four people who are in the process of building boats.” (at press time)

Cardboard boat races are gaining popularity across the nation. Locally, the Bass Lake Festival has featured a similar event in past years. In St. Joseph, Mich., a cardboard boat race only attracted five entrants its first year, but entries for 2018--its third year--topped 60, with names for crafts such as “Lettuce Turnip the Beet”, “Boaty McBoatface”, and, in a nod to Baywatch fans, the “S.S. Hasselhoff”.