Bremen Castings redeems themselves with wastewater

BREMEN — In the Bremen's Wastewater treatment plant pretreatment program, it was noted that the 2013 testing for Bremen Castings found the company to be in "Significant Non-Compliance" for the third and fourth quarter of the year. A notice was issued to the local paper in regards to the situation, as is required by law.
Waste-Water Superintendent Bill Reed, however, confirmed that the levels of copper, zinc, lead and phenolics in the wastewater were only just above the legal limits and, as of the January 2014 check, they appear to be back within the parameters of the legal limits, and have caused no harm to the environment in the mean time.
"It never affected the plant, it never killed the fish, there was never a discharge," Reed explained. "It's a 'shame-on-you' type of thing, but it's not to say the industry is bad."
Bremen Castings President J.B. Brown noted that it is the first time in 20 years that the company has failed it's testing.
"We used a new mortar in our bricking and that mortar had phenyl in it," Brown explained. "It was a mortar that we used for the first time and it comes into contact with our wastewater. We didn't even know that it had phenyl in the mortar."
Since the discovery, Bremen Castings has used an alternative mortar which has allowed their phenyl levels and other chemical levels to return to normal in the hopes that any future problems with wastewater treatment can be avoided.