Bourbon Food Truck Friday hopping with activity

Anna Gilsinger sponsored local musician John Bahler for Bourbon Food Truck Friday.
Staff Writer

Once again the street was packed with families enjoying Bourbon Food Truck Friday.
Kalita the Magician put on quite a show full of humor, magic and fun for a crowd of standing room only fans of all ages. Converting hankies to flags, flaming eggs to a live chicken, and a finale complete with a magical white rabbit Kalita delighted the audience Friday. The magic show was sponsored by Bourbon Public Library.
Anna Kislinger sponsored John Bahler to provide the live musical entertainment for the evening. His rich voice carried an upbeat melody through the event Friday evening.
Swanson's Cars and Trucks sponsored the Plymouth Bounce House providing hours of free fun for kids.
Todd’s Native Style Creations and Janelle's Quilts partnered to offer beautiful wooden roses whose stems did not include thorns and whose petals would never wilt along with handmade knives and creations.
Bourbon Food Truck Friday complete with coffee, ice cream, jewelry, crafts, food, music and fun all in one.