Bourbon Council discusses church parking

BOURBON — A parking issue for Bourbon Church of the Heartland was raised at the Bourbon Town Council meeting Tuesday evening, March 12.
Pastor Ted Westafer appeared before Council to note that Sunday morning parking in front of the 106 N. Main St. church was preventing cars from dropping off worshippers safely, especially when snow is present. He requested that two parking spaces in front of the church be designated “no parking” from 9:30-11:15 a.m. Sunday only.
Council President Les McFarland asked if the church had considered using the alley behind the building as a drop-off point. Westafer indicated that it had not yet. McFarland requested that the church try that option first. Council agreed to investigate the matter further.
Council member Larry Wattenbarger also noted that Council needed to get an estimate on constructing horse parking facilities on the newly-exchanged town lot.
In other action:
• A public hearing required by law on the annexation of property north of town was postponed because it was not clear whether the required legal notice had been published. The hearing was rescheduled for the next regular Council meeting, April 8, at 7 p.m.
• A request from bankrupt former Internet provider Omnicity to continue to allow its equipment to be attached to the town’s water tank for the benefit of the new purchaser was denied. Town Attorney Mark Wagner was instructed to cancel the lease on the grounds that Omnicity had not held up its end of the lease by providing the town with three Internet access points.
• Confusion over the town-owned irrigation equipment located on town farmland came to light. Bids had been received to be opened on purchasing the equipment, but the farmer leasing the property for the next planting season was under the impression that usage of the equipment was a part of his lease. Wattenbarger moved, and Council voted, to reject all bids for purchase until the situation could be straightened out.
• Zoning/Ordinance Commissioner Bill Keyser reported that the recent storms may delay repair/removal of the Harris Street property and other properties in need of repair.
• Roger Terry, Street Department superintendent, reported that repairs on the big dump truck by Wiers International in Plymouth would cost $11,472.07. The insurance estimate allowed only $8,612 for the repair. Terry was instructed to talk with the adjuster again and also to present the insurance company’s estimate to Wiers. Wattenbarger thanked Terry for his work fixing shelves at the Matchett Senior Center, which is not a part of Terry’s job description.
• The 1991 service truck, while in good shape mechanically, has rocker panels and a door rusting, according to Water Department Supervisor Mike Shoda. He said that to allow this deterioration would eventually affect the flooring on the truck. Council approved repairs by Kevin Cotterman in the amount of $1,830.
• Police Chief Bill Martin submitted his monthly report which showed a total of 682 daily log entries, six misdemeanor arrests, and 3,276 miles traveled on patrol duties.
He also reported that the police reserve officers were halfway through their reserve training program.
He indicated that the department’s patrol truck had sustained damage to its tailgate, which was ordered fixed by Cotterman at a price of $350.
• Territorial Engineering representative Aloi presented the Council with claims of $44,738.11 on the lift station construction, which were ordered paid.
In other financial matters, Bourbon Public Librarian Heather Barron requested that the sidewalk in front of the library be fixed. The cost on the project would be $1,840, of which the library would pay half. Council approved this construction.
Clerk-Treasurer Kim Berger indicated that one bid had been received to buy the old piano located at the Matchett Center. Alma Salgado had bid $50. Council ordered the piano awarded to Salgado.