Blackburn files formal notice to appeal murder case

Edward Blackburn
Shawn McGrath
Staff Writer

A Little Rock, Ark., man sentenced to the maximum prison term for shooting to death a Knox resident has filed notice of his intention to appeal.

Edward Blackburn, 32, through his court-appointed attorney, Knox-based attorney Timothy Lemon, filed his notice of appeal earlier this month.

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall found many aggravating factors when he sentenced Blackburn in November to spend 65 years in prison for killing 35-year-old Cord Colgrove, of Knox, outside a home in the 1400 block of West 400 South near North Judson on March 3, 2017.

According to the sentencing order, Hall found as aggravating factors for Blackburn:

– that he has a criminal history, including crimes of violence;

– that he violated the terms of his probation – which meant he couldn’t possess a firearm – and a federal warrant for probation had been issued for his arrest before the shooting;

– that he’s a member of the white supremacist gang Aryan Circle;

– that his claims during the trial that he acted in self-defense amounted to perjury;

– and that in the weeks leading up to the shooting, he told others he’d use his gun if he encountered Colgrove.

“The court finds there are no mitigating factors,” Hall writes in the sentencing order. “The court further finds that the aggravating factors far outweigh any mitigating factor, should one ever be identified.”

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