Back to School: LaVille Elementary's School Supply list

The following school supplies are recommended for the 2014-2015 school year:

• Plastic school box
• A pair of tennis shoes to be worn in gym class. Gym shoes with shoestring or Velcro only.
White bottoms preferred. No shoes with zippers. No slip-on shoes. These will need to stay at school. They need not be new, just clean and properly fitted.
Please print your child’s name on each shoe.
• A rectangle school bag measuring at least 13”x16”. A large bag is needed to carry home completed work,projects and important notes.
• Two 2-pocket folders to keep in the school bag for take-home and returned papers.
• The supplies that are to be kept in the school box are:(1) pair of scissors (“Fiskars for Kids” are best).
• Four pencils- #2 wooden pencils only (novelty pencils don’t sharpen well in our sharpeners).
• One eraser; L
• One bottle of white glue - not colored glue and one solid glue stick - not liquid.
One box of Kleenex for classroom use.
• One box of 24 crayons
Please do not send pencil sharpeners, markers or ink pens. Label all items brought to school.

First Grade
Please be sure you put your child’s name and their teacher’s name on any envelope or correspondence you send in with your child. Please check with your child frequently to replenish supplies, so your child has what they need to complete their work.
• Six plain regular #2 sharpened pencils. No pencilsharpeners.
• One pink eraser. No novelties.
Two boxes of Crayola crayons - 2 packages of 24. No twistable crayons.
• One pair of scissors (“Fiskars for Kids” work best).
• One plastic school box that will fit in desk.
• One pair of tennis shoes for gym. White bottoms preferred.
• Two large boxes of Kleenex.
• Five solid glue sticks. No neon colors. (We will keep extra to hand out as needed.)
• Two Folders - 1 red and 1 green 2 Pocket Folders
• Need to bring one box of GALLON sized plastic storage bags (30 count).
Please label all of your child’s supplies. This also helps on coats, hats, boots, etc.

Second Grade
• 1 School Box 6”x9” (Please, no larger.)
• Six #2 Sharpened Pencils (No mechanical pencils, no pens, and no pencil sharpeners).
• One pink eraser (no novelty erasers)
• One pair of “Fiskars” pointed scissors
• One 4 oz. bottle of white glue (Please, no larger.)
• Two white glue sticks (No neon colors and no paste)
• 1 box of crayons (16 or 24 is plenty.)
• One school bag (No suitcase-type on wheels and no laptop style.)
• One pair of gym shoes (Will be kept at school - ONLY for gym class.)
• Two large boxes of tissues
• One spiral notebook
• Two plain folders with pockets
Your child’s school supply items are needed and used throughout the school year. Please be aware that if your child loses or uses any of their supplies, those supplies should be replaced as soon as possible. Check with your child often during the year to be sure he/she has the necessary “school tools” to do their job effectively and efficiently.
Please clearly label all of
your child’s supplies! (This also applies to coats, hats, boots, etc. )
Each individual classroom teacher may request additional items for your child to have.

Third Grade
• One big pink eraser
• Two pocket folders
• Two boxes of Crayons
• Twenty-four (24) #2 pencils
•1 plastic school box
• Backpack
• Four glue sticks
• Two Red pens
• One pair of scissors • Four large boxes of Kleenex
• Two Dry Erase Markers
• One box of colored pencils
• One ruler
• One pack wide ruled loose leaf paper
• Four Gallon-sized plastic bags with sliders for closing
• One pair of gym shoes with shoe strings only. White bottoms only.
Two composition notebooks
• Last names beginning with A - M: one box of gallon sized plastic bags.
• Last names beginning with N - Z: one box of sandwich sized plastic bags.

Fourth Grade
• One School Box/Pencil Pouch
• Three #2 pencils
• Two red pens
• Two highlighters
• One box of Crayons or colored pencils
• One package Notebook Paper
• One pair of scissors
• One box of Kleenex
• One pair of gym shoes kept at school. Gym shoes with shoe strings only. (No Velcro, No slip-ons, no zippers.) White bottoms preferred.
Teachers provide: Homework folders, Dry Erase Markers, Spiral Notebooks, Folders, Rulers, Glue Sticks/Bottles and Hand Sanitizer

Fifth Grade
•Twelve (12) #2 PENCILS and/or mechanical pencils,
• Four pocket folders
• One package 3-hole wide-lined loose leaf paper (Keep in a folder; not a binder),
• Four single subject spiral notebooks,
• One eraser
• One box of colored pencils or crayons
• One pair of scissors,
• One glue stick or bottle of glue,
• Two large boxes of Kleenex
For music class: One two pocket folder with prongs down the middle for inserting papers.
For gym class: Gym shoes to be kept at school. Gym shoes with shoe strings only. No Velcro, no slip-ons, no zippers on shoes. White shoe bottoms preferred.
Once student supplies begin to be depleted, your child should bring in additional replacements.
Please mark all of your child’s belongings.
Students should not bring a compass, protractor, or ruler to school. These items will be provided on an as needed basis. Students are not to bring staplers, markers, pencil sharpeners, ink or gel pens, or thick or three ring binders, locks, or “white out” to school.

Sixth Grade
• Two Spiral Notebooks with perforation or wide-lined paper - Standard ruled. No college ruled. You will use this for ALL of your work.
• Two composition notebooks (100 sheets)
• One package wide-lined filler notebook paper.
• Four pocket folders - you will use one for each subject to keep your work in
• #2 wooden pencils - you will need to have at least three pencils at all times so you don’t need to get up during class to sharpen them. No gel pens or markers.
• Two red ink pens
• Colored pencils
• Scissors
• Ruler - Metric and Standard
• One glue Stick
• Two large boxes of Kleenex
• One bottle of hand sanitizer • Pair of gym shoes with shoe strings only. White bottoms only.
DO NOT BRING: White out, correction fluid, binders, trapper keepers, staplers, pencil sharpeners, pencil boxes, compasses, or rubber cement.
Please leave all of your toys at home so you won’t be distracted! You only have room in your desk for your school books and supplies. Anything other than the above-mentioned school supplies will be taken to the office where they will have to be picked up by a parent.
*Cell phones MUST be kept off and kept in your bag or locker during the day.

For LaVille JR/SR High:

Mr. Dennie’s Classes
7th World Geography & 12th Government:
• Two ” 3-Ring Notebook
• Divider Pages (5)
• Three Ring Notebook Hole Puncher
• Colored Pencils (set of at least 8)
• Two Red Pens
• Pencils
• Notebook Zipper Container
• Paper

Mrs. Barden’s Classes
• One college ruled composition notebook
• Box of dry erase markers: multiple colors
• One roll of transparent tape
• One green pocket folder
• One cylinder box of bleach wipes
• One box of tissues
• One college-ruled composition notebook
• One red pocket folder
• One box of 50 latex or vinyl gloves to fit your hands (found in variety store first aid supplies section), this is needed for the second semester.

Miss Woods’ Classes
Algebra II & Algebra II (Honors):
•Three subject college ruled notebook
• Scientific Calculator (TI-30XIIS recommended)
• Head phones
• Pencils/erasers
• Folders

Mrs. Zarate’s Classes
Calculus, PreCalculus & PreCalculus Honors:
• Required to have a 3 ring binder, preferable 2” or 3”

Mr. Wenger’s Classes
Pre Algebra 7, Pre Algebra 7 Honors, ECA Remediation, & Careers 7:
• Sharpened pencil
• Red pen for grading
• Folder with Loose Leaf Paper
• Two Dry Erase Markers
• A 4-Function Calculator
• One spiral notebook

Mrs. Lymburner’s Classes
Science 7th & 8th:
• Several pencils and/or pens (black or blue, and one red for grading)
• Paper
• One folder-2 pocket, may be paper or plastic
• One or 2 Dry Erase markers
• One roll of scotch tape - to be left in the classroom
• Optional - Tissue Box (donations would be appreciated)
• Optional - Colored pencils
• Optional - Markers

Ms. Kingma’s Classes
English 8th:
• Pencils
• Loose leaf paper
• Colored construction paper
• Boxes of tissue
• Hand sanitizer
• Cap erasers/ erasers
• Colored pens
• Binders/Folders
• Glue
• Washable Markers
• Tape (scotch, masking)
• Old magazines / Newspapers