Argos Lacrosse Team ‘Not just a team, they are family’

Argos Lacrosse Team Coaches and several members were present at the Argos School Board meeting Monday evening to show support and gratitude for the approval of another year to compete. From left to right: Head Lacrosse Coach Humphrey, Assistant Coach Markley, Zak Heiman, Robert Bowen, Keeten Rippy, Noah Risner, Noah Bauer and Shane Stevens.
Jamie Stoner
Staff Writer

Parents, Lacrosse team members and both coaches packed the Argos High School library in support of another year of Lacrosse at Argos during the Monday night school board meeting.

Dustin Stevens. Donna Riddle, Joanna Bauer and several other parents shared their positive experiences about the team and about the coaches. Donna Riddle shared that the experience for the families and the team was, “Phenomenal.” Joanna Bauer shared, “They are not just a team. They are family.”

Later during the meeting Head Lacrosse Coach Humphrey shared a review of the 2017-18 school year and provided estimates for how much it would cost to sustain the team.

Humphrey confirmed that funding has not been a problem for the team thus far. “Through a grant, additional funding and donations we were able to pay for last year’s expenses with money left over for this year.” Humphrey shared that the initial expense for forming the team and purchasing equipment was covered largely by a grant.

Humphrey shared, “The majority of equipment carries over year to year.”

According to Humphrey, the 10% yearly average of equipment that needs replaced is mainly the balls. Helmets have a 10 year guarantee.

Humphrey emphasized, “We have had abundant support from parents. From fund raisers to attendance, we have no shortage of help.”

Humphrey shared, “IHSAA (Indiana High School Athletic Association) only endorses sports that are played in 50 percent or more of high schools.” Lacrosse, though growing in popularity, does not meet that standard. Humphrey confirmed, “Lacrosse is endorsed by Indiana High School Lacrosse Association (IHSLA).” Humphrey is attending a meeting in November to request official approval from IHSLA to recognize the Argos Lacrosse Team.

Humphrey pointed out that the only other Lacrosse Team in Marshall County is the Culver Military Academy. “The Argos Lacrosse Team is a huge asset to the school and to the community.”

Humphrey also noted that Elkhart has already invited the team to be their first and final competitor each season. Superintendent Ned Speicher shared, “It was a great first year. We are proud of you. Thank you parents for your support.” The Argos School Board had previously approved an additional year for the Lacrosse team to collect more data on the sustainability of the team.