Appeal denied for Costello murderer

Gauvin Monaghan
Shawn McGrath
Staff Writer

The Indiana Court of Appeals has denied a convicted murderer’s appeal of his maximum sentence for beating a Plymouth man to death in 2016.
Gauvin Monaghan, 20, of Watertown, N.Y., pleaded guilty in November to a single count of murder for killing 79-year-old Richard P. Costello in October 2016.
Marshall County Prosecutor Nelson Chipman said late Wednesday he was pleased with the Appeals Court’s decision.
“A unanimous Court of Appeals quickly dispatched Mr. Monaghan’s argument that his brutality to Mr. Costello deserved something less than the maximum sentence under the law for murder,” the prosecutor said in a statement. “Paul Costello … did not deserve to have his life end in this way – no one does."
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