4th annual Open Team Rodeo takes place this Saturday

GROVERTOWN — The Fourth Annual Open Team Rodeo will take place at Saylor’s Arena at 2 p.m. on Saturday, a quarter mile east of Grovertown Truck stop on U.S. 30, 4600 N. 1100E, Govertown.
The rodeo usually attracts six teams each year with three to four local teams from Starke or Marshall Counties and maybe a team or two from Illinois or Michigan. Last year there was a team from Georgia who participated. So far, there have been seven teams calling in and signing up with an eighth team looking to participate. The rodeo has a limit of 10 teams, typically having one or two teams fail to show up on time. To assure the number of broncs, bulls and steers on hand, organizers must have the 10-team limit.
A team consists of three to four members with at least one female to compete in the women’s barrel race. Each team picks members to compete in each event with points awarded from 0 to 10 in each event, 0 being for failure or disqualification and 10 being for first place. The team with the most points wins $1,000.
The events this year consist of:
-Ranch Bronc Riding (use standard stock saddle)
-Team Roping (while on horseback one member must rope the head or horns of a steer while another must rope the hind feet)
-Rescue Race (one member races on horseback to pick up a second member standing at the other end of the arena, riding back on the same horse)
-Trailer Loading (two members on foot, another mounted must locate, catch and load a numbered bovine from the herd into a livestock trailer in the arena. Once the trailer has been loaded, rope removed, trailer closed and the two members on foot are sitting inside the pickup with the doors closed the clock stops with the fastest time being the winner)
-Women’s Barrel Race
-Flag Race (a rider must pull a flag from a bucket of dirt in a barrel locate on the opposite end of the arena, race around and place it in a similar bucket on the other side of the arena
-Bull Riding
Clay Norris has won the past three years. His wife was a national champion in the Women Pro-Rodeo Association a few years back. This year she will form an all women’s team with Clay’s sister Kelly, the first women’s team to compete at the open rodeo event. Saylor’s End of the Trail Riding Stable will also have their own team participate with Eurrat Jr. who has competed as a bull-rider for many years in the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association. Joining him in his team will be his eldest son Eurrat III and Shanena Ann.
It is $10 per adult and $5 for children 12 and under. Entertainment for intermission will be Open Limited Mutton Busting. The event is open for children under 60 pounds with a signed waiver from parents. After the rodeo, local band Smoke Wagon will be playing.
Saylor’s End of the Trail Riding Stable is taking calls now. Interested teams can call 574-532-1840.